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arbitration + mediation (o+g)

Helping others resolve their oil + gas disputes.

In addition to his practice, George is offering oil and gas arbitration and mediation services at GA BIBIKOS LLC.  Oil and gas disputes are often subject to arbitration agreements or the parties elect to pursue mediations in an effort to reach a compromise.  Given his oil and gas experience in Pennsylvania, George is well-positioned to serve as a neutral party when litigants elect to pursue alternative ways to resolve their oil and gas disputes involving (as between landowners and companies or as between E&P companies and joint operators, contractors or other parties):

  • oil and gas ownership issues

  • oil and gas lease terms

  • surface use issues

  • royalty disputes

  • assignments and acquisitions;

  • joint operating agreement obligations

  • farmout obligations and similar arrangements

  • disputes over master service agreements

  • other contractual disputes involving industry participants

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