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Take it to the next level with a mentoring service for law students and lawyers provided by GA BIBIKOS LLC.

GA BIBIKOS LLC offers +lawyer | (pilot) mentoring and coaching services for law students and lawyers who want to become leaders in their profession. Although most law schools, professors, and law firms do a terrific job educating and training the next generation of lawyers, they can't be all things to every law student or lawyer in their respective schools or firms.  With +lawyer | (pilot) services, students and lawyers get on-demand access to an experienced lawyer who has devoted much of his career to mentoring the next generation of lawyers.  By signing up, law students and lawyers will receive personal attention and enhanced and customized education and training to help hone and master their skills and maximize their potential for success in the future. 

A word of caution: this is an intensive professional development program for law students and lawyers who are willing to invest in their careers and become leaders of the profession.  If you’re not willing to devote time and resources to achieve those objectives, don’t waste your money.  If, however, you’re all in, pick a plan and let’s get started.  Here's how it works:

  • The Plan.  Review the plans and determine which one suits your needs based on your goals and experience level.  If you need help deciding, please contact us to discuss any questions you have. 

  • The Commitment.  Choose a commitment level (12 months, 6 months, single sessions). We highly recommend that you contact us before deciding on a commitment level.   

  • The Payment.  Decide whether to prepay for a discount or pay monthly.  

  • The Kickoff.  Within 24 hrs., we'll contact you to make introductions, get a sense of your goals and objectives, and schedule our first meeting.

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions

plans for law students

+lawyer | pilot (1L)

best practices for new law students


- time management -

- master the case method -

- master the art of outlines -

- basic writing skills that work -

- score higher on essay exams -

+lawyer | pilot (2L)

next-level legal skills to set you apart


- advanced legal research methods -

- advanced legal analysis -

- next-level legal writing -


- developing oral advocacy skills -

- feedback on written assignments -

+lawyer | pilot (3L)

transition to the practice of law


- tips for success on the bar exam -

- job hunting tips -

- drafting cover letters and resumes-

-feedback on job applications -

- mock job interviews -

plans for lawyers

+lawyer | pilot (ja)

best practices for new law lawyers


- excelling at core competencies -

- how to be a superstar associate -

- time management/timekeeping -

- interacting with lawyers et al. -

- intro to the business of law -

+lawyer | pilot (m-l)

grind out the mid-level years

- establish a niche -

- internal/external networking -

- start writing and speaking now -

- build project-management skills -

- prep for partnership -

+lawyer | pilot (sa)

making partner


- be a thought leader -

- marketing yourself and your firm -

- taking ownership of the law business -

- maintain existing clients, get new ones -

- managing employees and lawyers -


all monthly plans include:


- two monthly meetings (via Zoom) -

(1 hr. each) by appointment only


- unlimited text and emails -


payment options


for any plan

pay $99/mo. for 12 months




prepay for $1100 (save $88)


for any plan


pay $129/mo. for 6 months





prepay for $700 (save $74)

single sessions

for any plan

pay $150/per session (1/2 hr.)




two sessions for $250 (save $50)


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