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client reviews

"… a true business partner…"

"I have worked with George on a variety of matters in my time as in-house counsel for two large companies.  He’s helped with contract disputes, litigation, employee investigations and he’s provided general business advice and even provided training sessions for my business client.  While George has always provided efficient and accurate advice and has helped problem solve several specific matters, I have always viewed him as a true business partner and I routinely reach out to bounce ideas off of him or seek general advice.  And unlike many attorneys I’ve worked with, George is very personable and a pleasure to be around."


Corporate Counsel, investor-owned public water utility

"… more than just 'outside counsel' ... an important part of our team and a critical business partner …"

"George is a highly skilled attorney that is well-respected in the legal community and within the energy and oil and gas industries.  George has been at the forefront of oil and gas related issues in the Appalachian Basin since such activity began in earnest in 2005 and he is now recognized locally, regionally and nationally for his knowledge of the industry and legal prowess.  I have had the opportunity to work closely with George on numerous occasions and on a wide array of issues, including regulatory, litigation and transactional issues.  On each occasion, and at the outset, George thoroughly understood our business and legal objectives and, with those in mind, he has always fashioned a strategy to facilitate favorable results in a cost-efficient and economical way.  To me, George is more than just our 'outside counsel,' he is an important part of our team and a critical business partner.  In an industry as dynamic as the oil and gas industry, it is imperative to have knowledgeable and versatile legal counsel to provide timely and comprehensive advice and counsel.  Luckily for us, we found George."

Senior Legal Counsel, midstream company

"… knows and understands his client's business …"

"George is a great attorney knowledgeable in oil and gas transactional, regulatory and litigation matters in Pennsylvania.  He not only knows the law but also knows and understands his client’s business. His breadth of knowledge and practical approach to problem solving proved beneficial in successfully negotiating a complex oil and gas matter.  He is always available and accessible."

General Counsel, E&P company.

"…superior work product…"

"George helped coordinate a multi-organizational response on a matter of the utmost importance to the oil and gas industry in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.  As part of the broader effort, he led the drafting and helped manage a complex industry-wide process that involved several amici filers.  George’s focus on detail, as well as the bigger industry-wide picture, were evident in a superior work product that effectively navigated complex legal matters, as well as varying client perspectives."

Vice President, Government Affairs, natural gas industry group.

"... unmatched understanding of how the law interacts with the legislative and regulatory processes that is uncommon with attorneys and law firms ..."

"George not only has a firm grasp and depth of knowledge on the law, he has an unmatched understanding of how the law interacts with the legislative and regulatory processes that is uncommon with attorneys and law firms.  His expertise in these arenas provides clients an advantage. He offers a full scope of representation for companies that are active in or looking to be active in Pennsylvania.  I would recommend George to any entity looking for assistance in the energy sector."


Director, Government Affairs, integrated power company

"... integral ... analytical ... and practical ..."

"George plays an integral role handling a variety of complex matters for us. He has that rare combination of an analytical legal mind coupled with a practical sense of how his advice impacts our business."


General Counsel, E&P company

"... outstanding resource ..."

"George is an outstanding resource, in terms of his legal knowledge and his level of client service.  His advice extends not only to the applicable principles of law but also practical considerations affecting the client's business priorities.  His written submissions are colourful and clear and his diligence and attention to detail have been invaluable to us."


Senior Legal Counsel, E&P company

"... well-versed dynamic attorney ..."

"Starting a new corporation from scratch is already a serious undertaking. Without sound legal counsel you can leave yourself, your family and your business at risk.  George Bibikos is not only a well-versed dynamic attorney but a down to earth relatable family man who actually listens to your concerns. His counsel has been instrumental in the development of my corporation and without his consistent, truthful guidance I would be lost."

Owner, health care planning and financial services company

"... honest, straightforward, and driven ..."

"George has been a vital partner in our business.  He has always treated us fair.  He always provides advice that is in the best interest of our company and more importantly our family.  He gives more than he receives and he is honest, straightforward, and driven.  He has never once made us feel as if we were not important or if we didn’t matter.  We are thankful and blessed to have crossed paths with George."

Co-Owner, HVAC service company

"... impressive response time ... always available ..."

"As in-house counsel with almost 30 years of practice experience, I have high expectations of outside counsel. George has consistently impressed me with his expansive knowledge of oil and gas law and work ethic. Because of George’s extensive experience with both transactional and litigation matters in the oil and gas arena, I know I can rely on him to immediately comprehend the issues that I am facing and to address them correctly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. George’s response time is impressive, and he is always available when I need him. I truly appreciate the high quality of his briefs and pleadings, as it saves me valuable time in review. Articulate and energetic, George is a valuable asset to any litigation or transactional team."

General Counsel, E&P company

"... very professional ..."

"George’s professional guidance helped me get through a difficult construction contract matter. He identified the finer points in the agreement that really helped my situation and helped to ease my mind.  His writing is very professional and he pointed out details in the contract that I feel helped foreclose any further dispute. He was great and I can’t thank him enough."


Owner, construction company

"... one of the best land use attorneys in PA ..."

"George is one of the best land use attorneys in Pennsylvania.  When a municipality tried to illegally stop my development, I hired George.  George fought the case all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and we won!"

Owner and broker, real estate development company

"... keen commercial sense ... a true problem-solver ..."

"What I appreciate about George is his judgment and his pragmatism.  Lots of attorneys are good at abstract legal analysis, but George also has a keen commercial sense.  George works with us like he’s a member of our team – not as a hired gun – and he never loses focus on the issues that are unique and important to our business.  George is a true problem-solver, which is all too rare."

Director, Regulatory Compliance, E&P company

"... great to work with ..."

"We have worked with George on a number of projects including recently to draft and submit an amicus brief that focused on a complicated area of an employment law. George was great to work with – facilitated a collaborative process, thoroughly analyzed and clearly outlined the key issues and ultimately produced a very strong brief on which we were proud to put our name."

Director, Government Affairs, business association

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