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business law solutions

Helping businesses with their day-to-day legal needs.

There are plenty of good lawyers and law firms out there that would serve business clients well, but it’s the unique ability to handle a business client’s legal needs from many different disciplines and perspectives – at the right rates – that differentiates GA BIBIKOS LLC from other firms. 


We can view business transactions through the eyes of a litigator to spot problems and resolve them in the draft agreement before they arise; we bring “deal” experience to resolve litigation through settlement or mediation; we provide regulatory perspectives to transactional and litigation work; we can evaluate cases from the perspective of judges.  


At GA BIBIKOS LLC, we invoke a multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective approach typical of the “big law” experience at significantly lower rates to benefit the more modest-sized enterprises that don’t need to go to mega-firms for their day-to-day needs but want the same high-quality service for important aspects of their business, such as:

  • corporate structure + governance issues

  • bylaws + operating agreements

  • business law advice + counseling

  • drafting contracts + other commercial transactions

  • document + contract reviews

  • advice + strategy on commercial transactions

  • e-commerce advice

  • cybersecurity advice

  • insurance coverage advice

  • labor + employment advice

  • unemployment + workers’ compensation advice

  • advice on real estate + property acquisitions

  • advice on planned community requirements and homeowners associations

  • small business financing

  • commercial lease transactions

  • advice + strategy on avoiding commercial disputes

  • dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration + mediation)

biz law solutions
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