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Representing clients when disputes hit the courts.

A litigator and appellate lawyer by trade, George has litigated more than 100 cases and appeared in more than 75 appeals on behalf of principal parties, intervenors, and amici in the Pennsylvania appellate courts, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. He has argued cases orally before the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and numerous courts of common pleas and administrative agencies throughout Pennsylvania.  He has considerable experience in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, one of two intermediate appellate courts that has substantial original jurisdiction in cases brought by and against the Commonwealth government and appellate jurisdiction over appeals from decisions of administrative agencies.  His experience includes:

  • post-trial motions and briefing

  • initiating appeals (by right and by permission)

  • intervention procedures and related matters involving third parties to appeal

  • amicus representation of stakeholders and industry groups in matters of significance

  • pre-briefing and pre-argument motions practice, including all procedural motions and dispositive motions to quash premature appeals

  • briefing and oral argument

  • reargument requests and responses

  • requests for discretionary review and responses

litigation + appeals

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